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Cavendish University Zambia
Cavendish University Zambia
Cavendish University Zambia (CUZ) is the first private University in Zambia and was established in…
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Cavendish University Zambia

Cavendish University Zambia (CUZ) is the first private University in Zambia and was established in 2004. CUZ is registered under the Higher Education Act No. 4 of 2013 of the Laws of Zambia.


Teaching and learning at CUZ are based on a student-centric academic model that deploys innovation and global best practices in its pedagogy, philosophy, operations and organization. Lecturers and Professors at CUZ are trained to facilitate learning in ways that are innovative, student-centric, participatory, active and practical. CUZ deploys a learning management technology platform (CU-LPTM ) that supports blended learning, flipped classrooms, projects, case studies, distance learning, and other forms of effective and active learning.

CUZ offers market-relevant and accredited academic programs which are hosted in its four Schools which are: School of Medicine, School of Law, School of Business and Information Technology (B.I.T), and School of Arts, Education and Social Sciences (A.E.S.S.). All CUZ schools and faculties are oriented towards fulfilling the University's Mission of transforming students into responsible, educated, employable and entrepreneurial citizens (REEE).


To be a model university in Africa that delivers a transformative market-relevant quality education



To provide accessible, high quality, research-driven education that transforms students into responsible, educated, employable, entrepreneurial citizens.

  1. Responsible: Responsible people maintain good habits, complete their duties and obligations on time, are accountable both to themselves and to others, and exhibit good core personal values
  2. Educated: Educated people are knowledgeable and skilled, know how to learn, and are committed to continuous life-long learning
  3. Employable: Employable people acquire general and subject-specific knowledge and skills embedded in all University syllabi, and develop personal attributes and habits which enable them to gain employment and succeed in their chosen careers
  4. Entrepreneurial: Entrepreneurial people manage successfully their own businesses or work successfully for established businesses because they have enterprising skills and personal attributes which include being curious, passionate, knowledgeable, adaptable, creative, innovative, resourceful and knowing how to learn
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