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Great North Road Academy

Established in 2005, Great North Road Academy is a co - educational school that offers quality education for pre school,


Established in 2005, Great North Road Academy is a co - educational school that offers quality education for pre school, primary and secondary level with an option of day or boarding facilities. The school believes everyone is intelligent and aims at finding solutions to education system challenges. The school is run on two campuses with Great North Road Academy, quality comes first. The have limited the number of pupils per class so that each pupil can get the necessary attention.
Great North Road Academy pre school consists of baby, middle and reception classes. The school provides a learning environment that helps develop and improve skills using numbers , calculating simple addition and subtraction problems and helping them describe shapes and measures.
Primary schools
At Great North Road Academy's primary section consists of lower primary (Grades 1 - 4) and the upper primary (Grades 5 - 7). The school is dedicated in ensuring pupils receive outstanding teaching from expert and well qualified teaching staff. The school offers a stimulating curriculum that carters in all academic areas.

Secondary schools
Consisting of junior secondary (8 and 9) and senior secondary (10-12) Great North Academy offers pupils the following subjects Mathematics, Science, English, History, Religious Education (2046), Geography, Commerce, Civic Education, Principles of Accounts and Biology. It also carters for those who wish to undertake 'A' levels.
Chalo Trust School

Chalo Trust School is a Secondary and Primary Christian, Boarding, Co-education school


Chalo Trust School is a Secondary and Primary Christian, Boarding, Co-education school, that is located in Lusaka’s Chamba Valley, behind Hybrid Poultry Farm. It is off Great East Road, about fifteen minutes drive both from town and the airport. It is situated in a natural and serene environment suitable for serious and un-interrupted study, conferences, seminars, and camps.

The school opened its doors in January 2004. At inception, there were only 9 pupils as against 18 teachers. By the end of the year the enrolment stood at 45 students and by the end of April 2005, the number of students had more than doubled to 110 students. In December 2005 the student membership had soared to 131 students. We currently have a student number of about 170 with 27 teachers giving us a ratio of 1 teacher: 6 students. This allows our students to have as much contact with the teacher as possible.

Our mission is to create an environment of order, truth, care, and concern where students of diverse economic, cultural and spiritual backgrounds live together and prepare for tertiary education by beginning the habit of lifelong learning, personal and spiritual development. At Chalo Trust School, we believe that education should inspire a love of learning and prepare individuals to make a positive contribution to the local environment and the world at large.

Chalo Trust School provides a time tested and complete Boarding and Day curriculum with a major goal in mind: To inspire the best in your child and to make them realise the full personal potential by exposing them to as many distinguished educational programs as is possible. We accommodate both local and international students providing boarding facilities for children coming from any part of the world, while we also have a day school program for pupils within the reachable ranges of Lusaka.
Rhodes Park Schools

Rhodes Park School, Plot 11308 Sibweni Road, Northmead


The modern history of Rhodes Park Schools can be said to have started in 1973, when a small nursery school located at 42 Joseph Mwilwa Road, Fairview, was purchased by a Lusaka lawyer and his wife, the late Mwansa and Lydia Folotiya. The school had been established in 1966 and had previously catered to Lusaka’s white and expatriate community, who were the historical inhabitants of the suburbs of Rhodes Park and Fairview.

Primary classes began seven years later in 1980. Further growth over the following years saw the need for more space and in 1985, a large plot of land was secured at Plot 11308 Sibweni Road, Northmead, Lusaka.

The current phase of the Company’s development began in September 1993, when ownership and control passed into the hands of the children of the late Mwansa and Lydia Folotiya after their untimely demise. The school embarked upon a major expansion and redevelopment programme that has seen growth in all aspects: pupil numbers, revenues, staffing, infrastructure and facilities, etc.

In response to the demand for secondary education to be provided at the school, Rhodes Park School introduced grade 8 classes in 1997. It started with two streams of grade 8, and since then an additional grade was introduced every year in streams of two classes per grade per year until 2001 when the school achieved its first grade 12 streams.

The company acquired another site, Plot 11309 Nyakatolo Road in 2007, which is adjacent to the Sibweni Road campus. This was done to provide space for the recently commissioned Early Learning Centre (nursery), and eventually will also accommodate the School Hall.

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